Australian Irrigation Conference Theme & Call for Papers

IRRIGATION FOR THE FUTURE – Challenges, Innovations and Opportunities

The Irrigation Australia Conference aims to provide a platform for the irrigation industry and the broad range of other stakeholders to address the key future challenges and opportunities facing the irrigation industry and to share their knowledge and experience to provide a sustainable future focused on the efficient use of water and adoption of new technology.

The organising committee for the Irrigation Australia Conference have selected a conference theme and topics that specifically identify with irrigation issues in Australia. The concurrent ICID 24th Congress will have a broader international perspective. The Australian Conference Abstract Review Committee now invite abstract submissions in line with the key topics below however abstracts outside of these topics will still be considered for presentation. Papers for the Australian conference may cover multiple topics but should have a clear Australian focus and meet the overall conference theme of Irrigation for the Future.

The committee at their discretion may recommend that suitable abstracts are forwarded to ICID for inclusion in the ICID Congress program rather than the Australian program if the topic is of international relevance.

Conference Topics:

  • The Murray Darling Basin – this stream encourages participation in discussions about communities investment packages, improving the implementation of the plan, environmental water, 450 GL efficiency projects, water trading and more.
  • Energy and Resource Sustainability- this stream encompasses affordability of energy, resource allocation, renewables and removing barriers to integration.
  • Smarter Irrigation for Profit Program – This stream identifies what outcomes have been achieved from this research program, and how will the adoption of new irrigation technologies benefit the industry.
  • Business of Irrigation – this stream covers irrigation in regional development, natural resource allocation and sustainability issues; managing the challenges and opportunities while mitigating risks.
  • Science, R&D, and Innovation – this stream provides exposure to new research from organisations such as CSIRO, BOM, universities, R&D companies and start-ups.
  • Infrastructure and Investment – hear from the National Water Grid Authority and the North Queensland Water Infrastructure Authority about their long-term national approach to water infrastructure planning.
  • ICT in irrigation – this stream provides a forum to discuss, AI, IoT, big data, ownership of data, automation systems and platform.
  • Rainwater Harvesting – learn about how harvested rainwater, the third largest source of water in Australia can reduce the cost of water infrastructure and ease the pressure on stormwater systems.

Abstract Submissions Now Closed

Irrigation Australia invites papers to be presented for consideration by the Australian Conference Abstract Review Committee