Congress Theme

Innovation and research in agriculture water management to achieve sustainable development goals

The congress aims to provide a platform for irrigation and drainage professionals and the broad range of other stakeholders to share their knowledge and experience in sustainable agriculture water management focusing on irrigation management and its related/integrated aspects. The congress will deliberate on various aspects related to the following topics:

  • Current status of national irrigation sectors
  • Future investment in irrigation infrastructure modernization and management
  • National factors affecting irrigation management, including water policy, institutions, and capacities
  • Prospective areas for future management: resource management, supply and demand management, infrastructure management, on-farm water management, climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction, institutional and policy reforms, data management, technological interventions, capacity development, gender issues, among others specific to local-contexts

Attention shall be directed to the different levels of technology and modernization practices to present a general perspective and global comparative review amongst the related organizations and institutions.

Theme of 24th ICID Congress ‘Innovation and Research in Agricultural Water Management to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals’ is expected to address these issues in the form of two questions.

Hon Karlene Maywald - South Australia Water Ambassador

ICID President Dr. Ragab Ragab