Learn how to use HEC-RAS to for Modelling Irrigation Canal Systems

Learn how to use HEC-RAS to for Modelling Irrigation Canal Systems |

HEC-RAS is a powerful hydraulic modelling tool developed by the Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) of the United States Army Corps of Engineers. HEC-RAS can perform both steady-state and unsteady-state hydraulic simulations in both one-dimensions and two-dimensions.  While this free modelling tool is generally applied to riverine systems, HEC-RAS is also be used to model irrigation canal systems.  Structures such as check dams, lateral spillways, culverts, and inverted siphons can be modelled in HEC-RAS.  In addition, on check dams can be automatically controlled via HEC-RAS.  This one-day course is designed to provide some of the basic tools needed to model irrigation canal systems and provides hands-on training via workshops.

Presenter: Brian Wahlin

Vice President at WEST Consultants; President of USCID; Vice President ICID

Hon Karlene Maywald to present the N.D Gulhati Lecture

Hon Karlene Maywald has been invited to present the N.D. Gulhati memorial lecture

Irrigation Australia Ltd is delighted to announce that the Hon Karlene Maywald has been selected to present the N.D. Gulhati memorial lecture at the 24th Congress in Sydney in September 2020. Karlene Maywald is a former National Party politician who represented the irrigation district of Chaffey in the South Australian House of Assembly from October 1997 until March 2010. Her election to the South Australian Parliament made her leader of the South Australian Nationals and made her the first woman to lead a branch of the party at the state or federal level. During her tenure, from 2004 until 2010, she was the Minister for the River Murray and Minister for Water Security.

Karlene is currently Managing Director of Maywald Consultants Pty Ltd, providing specialist advice to the private and public sector. Karlene is also Chair of the CSIRO Land & Water Advisory Committee, Chair of the Peter Cullen Water & Environment Trust and Chair of the International Centre of Excellence for Water Resources Management.  Her other past roles include Chair of the Australian National Water Commission, and a Director the South Australian Water Corporation (SA Water)  Karlene is also a member of the Australian ICID National Committee (IACID).

The N.D. Gulhati memorial lecture is delivered at the ICID Congress by an invited eminent expert from across the world. The aim is to provide an international status and significant developments in irrigation and drainage engineering including all allied aspects like environment, sociology, economics etc.

N.D. Gulhati  has been rightly called the “Father” of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, as it was he who conceived this organization. The proposal of setting up of the Commission was mooted to the Government of India by him in 1946. The Commission was set up in the year 1950 and Mr. Gulhati was elected as first Secretary General. He served ICID as founder secretary General from 1950 to 1957, as Vice President from 1957 to 1960, and as President from 1960 to 1963.

Ms Maywald said that It was indeed a great privilege to present this lecture and she is deeply honoured to be able to accept the invitation to present the award.

Murray Darling Basin Plan

Murray Darling Basin Plan

We are pleased to advise that the National Irrigators Council (NIC) have agreed to facilitate a special session on the Australian conference program relating to the Murray Darling Basin Plan. Speakers are invited to submit abstracts on several key aspects of the Murray Darling Basin Plan (see ‘call for papers’ on the website for details). NIC will also facilitate some keynote speakers and facilitated panel workshops with audience Q&A opportunities. Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in a discussion on the world’s most ambitious river and catchment recovery planAustralia’s most important agricultural production area, it is also home to thousands of wetlands, including Ramsar listed wetlands, and other ecologically important assets.

Subtopics include:

  • Where the Basin Plan sits as an internationally significant reform
  • How Australia is going in implementing the Basin Plan
  • The farmer experience
  • The operation of the water markets
  • Measuring progress on a major reform like the Basin Plan
  • The challenges of major reform and achieving triple bottom line outcomes

Women in Irrigation

Women in Irrigation |

We are excited to announce a new forum at the event that recognises the important and often unrecognised role that women play in the international irrigation & drainage community. The Women in Irrigation Forum will consist of a breakfast and panel discussion. Further details including speakers and the program will be announced soon. We acknowledge the support and sponsorship of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) for this important event.

Thanks to our Sponsor

Special Symposium

Special Symposium | Integrated Approaches to Irrigation Management in Future.

Attend this special symposium to discuss how climate change is directly impacting the water availability in many parts of the world. While climate change is a direct result of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, it impacts in the form of extreme events like flood, droughts, higher temperatures, among others which are not easily manageable and subsequently threaten the agricultural sector and thereby the water and food security. Hence improved management of water resources in agriculture becomes critical to address climatic uncertainties, to mitigate the impacts and adapt to the changing climatic conditions for improved water and food security.

Special Session

Developing the Future Tools for Managing Uncertainty in Irrigation Management

Make a submission for this very important special session topic which has been allocated the following sub-topics:

  • Institutional Arrangements
  • System Modelling
  • Crop Agronomic and Social Adaption

International Abstracts are now closed and Australian abstracts are closing soon

International Abstracts are now closed and Australian abstracts are closing soon (27th of March)

International abstract submissions are now closed and Australian Conference submissions are closing on the 27th March. For further information and to lodge your submission click the appropriate button below:

Irrigation in New Zealand

We are pleased to announce that Irrigation New Zealand will be presenting a workshop at the event covering the following topics.

  • A brief history on water governance and irrigation development in New Zealand
  • Their current water management and governance arrangements and situation
  • A summary of recent changes to national freshwater policy
  • Their current and future challenges – water storage, climate change, land-use change, and sustainability