Learn how to use HEC-RAS to for Modelling Irrigation Canal Systems |

HEC-RAS is a powerful hydraulic modelling tool developed by the Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) of the United States Army Corps of Engineers. HEC-RAS can perform both steady-state and unsteady-state hydraulic simulations in both one-dimensions and two-dimensions.  While this free modelling tool is generally applied to riverine systems, HEC-RAS is also be used to model irrigation canal systems.  Structures such as check dams, lateral spillways, culverts, and inverted siphons can be modelled in HEC-RAS.  In addition, on check dams can be automatically controlled via HEC-RAS.  This one-day course is designed to provide some of the basic tools needed to model irrigation canal systems and provides hands-on training via workshops.

Presenter: Brian Wahlin

Vice President at WEST Consultants; President of USCID; Vice President ICID